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Innovative content is about unlocking valuable communication about your company, products, and services. It's about designing it in the right format, crafting it for the right media platforms, delivering it across the right channels, and targeting it to the right audience.
Aesbus offers high-impact and cost-effective solutions for training, marketing, sales, and customer support using the latest Interactive Product Visualization Media technologies.

No matter what industry you're in—high-tech, consumer electronics, oil & gas, bio-medical—Aesbus can customize a rich media solution to meet your business goals using GUI, web, visual, interactive, and instructional design for a compelling immersive user experience.

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For most businesses, one of their most critical events is the launch of a new product. The pressure is not only for that new product to catch on and to gain traction among consumers, but for it all to happen as fast as possible. Product marketing videos are a great tool for this.

Product videos are especially effective for showcasing technical, complex, or unusual products and compressing information into easy-to-remember "bites".

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Aesbus offers customized solutions ranging from consultative and project support staffing to full-range content and design development for print, Internet, and multimedia delivery.

Content strategy is a non-stop process, involving ongoing modifications, continuous refinement and repurposing for various media channels along with the actual preparation and distribution of targeted and engaging content.

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Aesbus offers flexible on-demand talent management solutions in response to organizations downsizing, budget challenges, fluctuating workloads, or accelerated business growth. Today's workforce landscape reflects an unprecedented level of fierce global competition with product cycles that turn at dizzying speeds.

Companies are increasingly relying on short-term and long-term contingent workers — project-based professional workers, temporary workers, contractors, and consultants — to supplement and support their full-time salaried permanent staff.

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Aesbus offers highly flexible online training solutions for companies who need to constantly keep internal or external organizations updated and knowledgeable on their current or latest products, services, or processes.

Online training solutions facilitate compliance with industry and government regulations for business governance and safety-related operations.

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Rich media technology enables companies to reach out and interact with customers in exciting and engaging new ways. Aesbus works with the latest technologies to design and create highly interactive business applications for an optimal user experience.

Multimedia applications can help increase engagement and foster customer loyalty and brand recognition. They can be integrated with your web services and internal corporate systems.

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Aesbus offers a wide range of multi-faceted marketing support services—from product launches to brand management and messaging, creative design, copywriting for marketing collateral, video scripts and production, rich media design, and more. Simply put, marketing support services can help your organization keep all the juggling balls in the air.

Companies whose marketing departments have overburdened creative teams can greatly benefit from marketing support services by not having to pull their teams off of their current projects and duties.

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Aesbus offers a highly flexible troubleshooting tool design for companies who need an internal extensible framework to handle customer issue management needs.

The Aesbus technology team will collaborate with you to design a web-based portal as a centralized solution to maximize your call support organization's effectiveness, providing a host of integration options for your business environment and needs.

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